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November 2017
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Coming Soon to KCSMA

Seasons Greetings KCSMA families. Our annual Holiday Shop is coming soon. This is an exciting time for our students, where they get to pick out gifts for family and friends all priced between $.50 and $6.00. In order for this to be an enjoyable event, we really need volunteers to be present to assist the students. Areas you may be assigned to volunteer in can be as a shopper’s helper, a cashier, or a gift wrapper/bagger. The more hands available, the more individualized experience our kids will receive.

Volunteers, hands present, is the MOST important thing we need for this event. Please visit here to sign up to volunteer:

Other Ways to Contribute:

  • Donate old newspapers (these are shredded to make gift bows)
  • Donate plastic shopping bags (these are used to make it easy for students to carry their gifts)
  • Donate items that can be sold in the Holiday Shop (those cute and often on clearance trinkets you find at craft stores, handmade ornaments, handmade gifts)
  • Spread the word to businesses to help sponsor our holiday rooms during the Breakfast with Santa (please see attached flyer)
  • Help your child(ren) make their shopping list and budget to use on their class shopping day. This can help volunteers a lot when assisting the students.


Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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