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PTO Officer vacancy spotlight

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March 2017
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The PTO is looking for two Co-Vice Presidents for the 2017-18 school year.  If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please email
PTO Vice President Responsibilities
Job Description:  A leader with exceptional organizational and communication skills responsible for assisting the PTO President(s) in overseeing the activities and work of the PTO organization.
Qualifications:  Has a good general understanding of the PTO programs, positions and functions. Good leadership skills, people skills, listening and follow through skills. Good problem solver. Demonstrates initiative.
Specific Responsibilities:
  •  Review PTO Bylaws, School Charter, School Improvement Plan to insure the PTO is serving the changing needs of the school community.
  •  Attend at least two summer PTO Executive Board meetings to plan events for the upcoming
  • school year and review the proposed annual budget. These will be brainstorming session(s) with the board and committee chairs to establish organization’s goals.
  •  Assist in preparing annual operating budget for PTO during the summer. This is created based on input from committee chairs and a review of past years expenses and income.
  •  Plan/Lead one committee of the PTO.
  •  Advise, direct and review the work of other PTO board or committee chairs as needed.
  •  With President, Treasurer, and other PTO Executive Board members, review monthly budgets and financial statements of PTO body.
  •  Solicit and review the Chairperson’s reports.
  •  Attend monthly PTO Board meetings. The PTO Vice President should miss no more than 3 board meetings throughout the school year.
  •  Initiate ways to improve PTO events, and the way the PTO functions, on an as-needed basis.
  •  Recruit committed chairs and new members.
  •  Maintain a binder with all information relevant to the position to be passed on to the successor.  Include all relevant notices, memos, budget information, etc. Produced while executing duties of post.
  •  Perform other duties as requested by the PTO President and Executive Board.

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