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PTO Co-President needed for 2017-2018

Currently, we have several vacancies to be filled for the PTO Executive Board for next school year.  Our nomination committee is currently accepting nominations.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email  We have vacancies for a Co-President, 2 Co-Vice Presidents, and 2 Co-Secretaries.

Each week, we will highlight one of the open positions.  This week we are providing more information on the responsibilities of a Co-President More information on all positions may be found HERE.

PTO President Responsibilities

Job Description:  An innovative leader with exceptional organizational and communication skills responsible for overseeing all aspects of the PTO organization. Will act as a chief spokesperson for PTO; chief liaison between parents, teachers, school administration and school board.

Qualifications:  Has a good general understanding of the PTO programs, positions and functions. Good leadership skills, people skills, listening and follow through skills. Good problem solver. Demonstrates initiative.

Specific Responsibilities:

* Review PTO Bylaws, School Charter, School Improvement Plan to insure the PTO is serving the changing needs of the school community.

* Will review board and committee chair responsibilities to insure the right people are in the right positions to achieve goals set by the PTO.

* Conduct/attend at least two summer PTO Executive Board meetings to plan events for the upcoming school year and review the proposed annual budget. These will be brainstorming session(s) with the board and committee chairs to establish organization’s goals.

* Prepare annual operating budget for PTO during the summer. This is created based on input from committee chairs and a review of past years expenses and income.

* Advise, direct and review the work of other PTO board or committee chairs as needed.

* Set up/attend regular meetings with the Principal for updates and communication.

* Attend or provide an update for the monthly school board meetings.

* With Treasurer,

  • o Review financial requests submitted to PTO.
  • o Review monthly budgets and financial statements of PTO body.
  • o Review funding proposals.

* Conduct monthly PTO Board meetings by establishing agenda and soliciting information from board and committee chairs. The PTO President should miss no more than 3 board meetings throughout the school year.

* Initiate ways to improve PTO events, and the way the PTO functions, on an as-needed basis.

* Draft weekly communications for school newsletter.

* Recruit committed chairs and new members.

* Maintain a binder with all information relevant to the position to be passed on to the successor. Include all relevant notices, memos, budget information, etc. Produced while executing duties of post.