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Thank you, Yvonne Longs

thank_you_srf_card-ra21d32714fcc4e3fa433c087c848889b_xvua8_8byvr_324Thank you to parent Yvonne Longs (PTO Co-President) for coordinating and running the Holiday Shop this year!  It was a huge success, and the students loved it.  We know it is a big undertaking and really appreciate the time you put into it.  Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time and/or items to the shop.  Once again, KCSMA rocks!

Holiday Shop open until 6pm today, NUT pass tomorrow

The Holiday Shop is open today, Thursday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. After 2:30, parents are welcome to come shop along with your child and children who are not students at KCSMA. All gifts are priced from $.25 to $5.00. This is a good time to pick up stocking stuffers and hint to your child on what you would like.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Don’t forget to send in $1 tomorrow to participate in the N.U.T. Pass.  (No Uniform Today)  Tacky holiday apparel is strongly encouraged!

Help Georgia charter schools receive equal funding

Charter School funding is lower than traditional Public Schools?  Did you know…

…KCSMA receives 20% less funding than traditional public schools?

…An additional 3% of KCSMA’s funding is withheld as an “administrative” fee?

…KCSMA has to pay for things, like landscaping/lawn mowing, out of its operational budget, where other Cobb County schools are provided this service out of the county’s budget?

KCSMA and all charter schools in Georgia need your support and advocacy; the way state funding is currently figured is unfair to charters.  You can help change that.  Please read below, get the word out to everyone, and please contact legislators (see info below) to let them know you support this funding equity update.


Kay Frey, Principal

Georgia Charter Schools Association has recently kicked off their campaign to encourage members of the Georgia General Assembly to support Governor Deal’s Education Reform Commission recommendations, including an overhaul of our state’s student-funding formula.  
Governor Deal’s Education Reform Commission made recommendations on updating the state’s 32 year-old student funding formula, a formula that has long outlived its usefulness.  For charter schools, our state’s current student funding formula undermines our desire for student funding equity.  
The proposed changes to Georgia’s student funding formula will greatly assist charter schools in realizing student funding equity as the recommendation is to move away from a program-based funding formula to a student-based funding formula, allowing far many more dollars to “follow the child.” 
If we are going to see funding equity for charter schools and their students, we will only accomplish this with your help. We need all charter school advocates to take action.  We need as many people as possible contacting their members of the General Assembly and the Governor today and in the weeks to come.  
Dear GA Charter School supporter,

GA lawmakers are getting prepared for the upcoming legislative session. Not since 1985 has our student funding formula for education been updated. Numerous attempts to update the formula have all failed.

Let’s send a clear message today that it is time for an update. We are not in the 80’s anymore.

Click HERE to ask your lawmaker to support Governor Deal’s Education Reform Commission recommendations.

Take Action NOW


Holiday Shop information


December 12-16th, during the school day and open until 6:00pm on Thursday.

The annual Holiday Shop will be open next week Monday through Friday. The hours are 8:00 am – 2:30 pm each day, with extended hours to 6:00 pm on Thursday, 12/15. During this time, students will get to shop for gifts, all priced between $.25 and $5.00. A variety of gifts, including mugs, ornaments, jewelry, toys, and more will be available.  The gifts are appropriate for parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and pets. 

Volunteers will assist children in their shopping, wrap gifts and simply help make the experience enjoyable. There are a lot of opportunities to help make this the best experience possible for all of our students.

Budget for Shopping

A Holiday Shop flyer will be coming home. On the back of it, discuss with your child who they want to purchase items for and the approximate amount to spend. Enclose the shopping list, along with CASH for purchases in a sealed envelope or ziploc bag labeled Holiday Shop. Be sure your child has their envelope with them on shopping day.

Volunteer to Help

During shop hours, volunteers will have roles such as shopping assistant, cashier, and wrapper. Volunteers will also assist those students not shopping with making holiday cards. The more hands available to help, the more enjoyable this experience will be for everyone. Click here to volunteer.


Donations are essential in helping to make this a success. Many supplies are needed for wrapping and card making. Additionally, you are welcome to donate items appropriate to sell in the Holiday Shop. Click here to see donations that are needed.

Thank you for your time, donations and attention to this event. From our families to yours, may you have an enjoyable holiday season.

Help! Crockpot mix up from October’s teacher’s luncheon

A parent just realized that the crockpot she sent in for the October teacher’s luncheon was sent home with the wrong insert.  If you sent in a crockpot for that luncheon, could you please check that you have the correct insert?  If you have the wrong insert, please email  Thank you!

Volunteers desperately needed for Holiday Shop

Image result for volunteers needed holiday

Volunteers Needed

The KCSMA Holiday Shop is a tradition that students have been enjoying for years.  We have volunteers help the students shop and wrap all of the presents for them.  To provide the best experience, we need about 12 volunteers at all times.  As of today, we still need over 150 time slots filled.  Please consider helping out for a shift or two.  Grandparents and other family members are welcome, so please share this SignUp with them.  You may sign up here:  Holiday Shop Volunteer SignUp

December Dessert Bar for Teacher Appreciation, donations/volunteers needed

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Teacher Appreciation Dessert Bar

Friday, December 16, 2016

     As the holiday season kicks into full swing, the final 2016 teacher appreciation luncheon is fast approaching. Thus far, each luncheon in succession has been better than the previous one. Let’s keep it going by making the last one for 2016 the best one, but with a twist. We are going to have a sinfully sweet, unapologetically scrumptious, dessert bar. So, break out your best family recipes or naughty indulgence and bring it to KCSMA on Friday December 16th, 2016.   To contribute to this month’s dessert bar with donations or volunteering, please CLICK HERE.