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Holiday shop info, Volunteers needed

1 holiday shop header

The holidays are near, and as a special service to our students, we are hosting a Holiday Shop.  Children will have the opportunity to pick out their own inexpensive, high quality gifts for family and friends during school hours.  The Holiday Shop is designed to be a safe, child-centered environment where children can learn how to budget and spend wisely, while they also experience the gift of giving.

The Holiday Shop will be open during school hours December 7th through December 11th.  Please visit your child’s teacher’s blog to see which day your child’s class will be shopping.  Gifts range from 25cents to $5.00.  All gifts will be wrapped or placed in gift bags.

The store will also be open from 11:00am to 1:00pm during the Gingerbread Bazaar on Saturday, December 12th, but inventory will be limited to what is left in stock.

If your child will be shopping, please fill out the budget form.  Budget forms are being sent home with each child or may be found HERE.   Place the form and CASH in an envelope or plastic zip baggie clearly marked “Holiday Shop” and your child’s name and teacher’s name, and return it to your child’s teacher.

The Holiday Shop is still in desperate need of volunteers.  We need many volunteers to assist the younger students with shopping and to help with gift wrapping.  At this time, we do not have even half of the needed volunteers.  SIGN UP HERE TO VOLUNTEER.

Reminders, N.U.T. Pass


Tonight – Wingzone Family dinner night

Thursday, 11/19 – Science fair applications due

Friday, 11/20 – $1 N.U.T. Pass

Friday, 11/20 – Teacher Appreciation Lunch dessert bar, sign up here.

Volunteers are needed for the holiday shop and lunch room monitoring.  Click HERE to sign up.


Food donations needed for Teacher Appreciation luncheon

This month’s Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is a dessert bar.  We are still in need of food and donations.  If you are able to donate items for this Friday’s dessert bar, please click HERE.

Thank you to all of the supporters of the Teacher Appreciation events.  We love our teachers and staff!

Rewards Program Update (Box Tops…)

Rewards Program Update (Box Tops, Labels for Education, Tyson’s)

Thank you for your participation and commitment to the KCSMA Rewards Program. We couldn’t get it done without your outstanding support.

To avoid confusion, we will refer to our Box Tops, Labels for Education, Tyson’s Labels, Shoparoo, and Coke Rewards collection programs as the REWARDS PROGRAM.  You can always get Reward Program information HERE.

Box Tops

We were able to raise $1,024 for our fall submission of Box Tops!  This is one of the easy ways the school can earn money, and as always, we could not have raised this money without all of you.  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents.  If parents sign up on their website and enter the contests they offer, the school will have more chances to win the bonus contests.

CONGRATULATIONS to our three top winner classes and teachers:

1. Nickie Lowery 3rd grade with 823 box tops and won $40 gift card

2. Lisa Gomes 5th grade with 665 box tops and won $30 gift card

3. Kelly Meek 1st grade with 612 box tops and won $30 gift card

We will be getting the check for the Box Tops submissions in December.  Once we receive it, we will begin issuing the gift cards.

Labels for Education

With our latest submission, we have enough points to get two $100 Visa Gift Cards!  Keep clipping these labels from participating products, like Pepperidge Farm, Campbell’s, and others.  Each label is worth points, and when we have enough points we can convert them to Visa Gift Cards for our specials teachers.

Tyson’s Labels

Tyson’s labels are worth 24cents a piece!  We have to turn in 100 per submission and were finally able to turn in our first batch of one hundred, which earned $24.00.  Please take a moment to look at their participating products, and send in any qualifying labels.  We are only six labels short to make another submission!

Reminders:  Look for box tops on Holiday food packages…Look for marked boxes with 14 digit eboxtops, so we can enter to win 1 million  box tops by December 15, 2015. Sign up at Every family can take a minute to enter the bonus sweepstakes and contests that are offered every day.


Shoparoo is a free, easy way for our school to earn money and chances to win sweepstakes for money.  All you have to do is download the Shoparoo app to your smartphone or device, choose Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy, and scan all of your receipts.  Each receipt either earns points for the school or sweepstakes entries to win cash for the school.  Points equal money!  As of November 15, 2015, we have earned over $300!  Keep scanning your receipts!

Coke Rewards

The PTO accepts donations of your Coke product caps and case codes for the Coke Rewards Programs.  Please send in any case codes or caps to the front office, or place them in the collection container on the table in the front office.  If you have a Coke Rewards account, you may also donate points to KCSMA PTO.

Once again thank you for your participation and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Holiday Shop info, volunteering

KCSMA Holiday Shop

December 7th-12th


It is that time, again!  Every year, the KCSMA PTO hosts a holiday shop for the students.  We have gifts priced from 25 cents to $5.00.  We look for deals throughout the year, so we are able to sell a lot of our gifts for less than retail prices.

Parent letters and shopping lists will go home the week before the shop, and your child’s teacher will let you know their class shopping day.  For students who will not be shopping, we have a classroom where they can color and make cards during their class’s shopping time.  Shoppers will go to the holiday shop with their list of gift recipients and budgeted amount per gift.  Shopping assistants will help them with their choices and budgeting, and we wrap their gifts.

To provide the students with the best experience, it requires about 12 volunteers at all times in the shop.  Please consider volunteering, and we encourage you to reach out to other family members who may be interested.  Sign up here to volunteer.  There are also donations of supplies needed, which count towards volunteer hours.  To donate items, sign up here.

As always, thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who enable us to do things like this for our children!


Gingerbread Bazaar vendor reminder

KCSMA Students, Families and Staff, this is a reminder to sign up now to sell items at the upcoming Gingerbread Bazaar. Spaces are limited and registration is open to all vendors starting Monday, 11/9.  We have received many student vendor applications, and we think this is going to be a great opportunity for the students!
Students, this is a great way to earn some holiday cash. Teachers, this is an awesome opportunity to earn extra money for the class or as a grade. The ideas are endless and fun. We look forward to seeing your ideas come to life!
Here are some ideas of things to sell:
  • Mixes (brownie, cake, cookie, cocoa) in a Jar
  • Beaded Items (pen/pencil wraps, bracelets)
  • Ornaments
  • Candy Kisses Rosebuds
  • Candy Plants
  • Wreaths, Ribbon Wreaths
  • Bows
  • Jewelry
  • Handmade toys

Please remember, vendors may not sell food unless it is a food item that may be given as a gift (mixes in a jar, candy wreaths, etc.).

Click here to read more on the Gingerbread Bazaar as well as access the registration agreements.

Friday: last day for dance pre-sale tix, bazaar applications

Friday is the last day for the Fall Forever Dance pre-sale tickets.

Fall Forever Dance Flyer 2015-16

Friday is also the last day to turn in student, family, and staff vendor applications for priority rental spots at  the Gingerbread Bazaar.  After Friday, the vendor booths will also be open to the public for rental.