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What a day! Thank you…

Thank you to the ASP team, teachers, and staff for taking such good care of our kids!

The PTO does not normally post personal pieces, but we are making an exception.

Things got a little chaotic at carpool time, due to the storm. I was in the school because I was finishing up book fair business, but I was oblivious to what was going on outside and in the rest of the school.

Miss Tara made an announcement to hold kids in classrooms for a few minutes, so they could see what the weather was going to do. I happened to step out in the hallway just as students were being released.

It was crazy! Once in the hallway, I could see the trees swaying from the wind, the heavy rain coming down, and the worried kids. Most were perfectly calm, but there were a couple of kids who were visibly shaken.

Mr. Traster saw one crying student who had run up to me, and he immediately gave reassurances to him that everything was okay. I took the boy into the office, and Miss Tara immediately called him to her, where she had a group of other scared students standing in front of her. She was doing what she does best, helping the kids. I have seen it more times than I can count.

Miss Tara had to oversee carpool, so parents who were there stepped in to comfort the scared kids. The kids were comforting each other, saying not to be scared, even though they themselves were scared.

I had to go to the library for a minute and saw poor Coach M looking like a drowned rat, with water dripping off of him. Mrs. Frey and other staff members were mopping up water that was getting on the floor. Carpool staff were rushing to get in rain gear and prepare to go outside.

I went back to the office, and parents were in there to pick up their children. A scared student was in another student’s mom’s lap, completely calm. Some of those scared kids were dancing. Miss Tara was helping the parents who were there for their kids, while still dealing with carpool and tracking the weather. They had to halt it at times because of the weather.

I heard from some parents how bad the weather was when they were waiting in carpool, and someone shared a video of the hail. My son told me how scary it looked from his classroom, so he and another girl stood in the doorway. One of my carpool kids told me how Mrs. Talone let her sit under her desk (and she only kicked her a few times..ha!).

Sometimes, we do not realize what goes on at the school. Today, what I witnessed was absolute chaos, and it was beautiful. It was controlled chaos, with everyone doing what they had to do to keep the kids and staff safe and things running as smoothly as possible. Miss Tara is the queen of multi-tasking. Mrs.Frey and Mr. Traster were out there with the kids, making sure everyone was where they needed to be. The teachers and ASP staff were so calming, yet efficient.

I just want to say THANK YOU! Thanks for taking care of our kids and making them feel protected. Thanks for making decisions on a minute by minute basis, with only safety in mind. Thanks for knowing you were going to have a long and stressful carpool but doing it with a smile on your face. Thanks for deviating from your normal classroom rules and letting kids stand in doorways and sit under your desks because it made them feel better. Thanks for standing out in the rain and walking kids to cars under umbrellas, even though you knew it was going to take so much longer.

We are very fortunate to have a school full of caring, compassionate, and competent people (staff, students, and parents). This is what makes our school different from the rest. KCSMA rocks!

-Tamara Beeler (parent)