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Box Tops Contest, due Oct. 1st

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Mark Your Calendars !

DUE DATE: October 1, 2015

See How One Parent or Student Can Make A Difference For Our School!

How does the Box Tops program work, you ask? Each teacher is ready to receive your clipped Box Tops and they will make sure the box tops are turned in to our volunteers in a timely manner. We are collecting them weekly from each classroom.

We could use a little extra help! It would be a BIG help to our Box Top Team of volunteers if everyone could please trim their box tops on (or close to) the preprinted clip lines before submitting them.

Our excited parent volunteers work hard on the Box Tops Program. Each Box Top collected must be date-checked, properly trimmed, counted, and bagged in groups of 50 prior to submitting for reimbursement.   It will be our Box Tops Class Volunteers task to collect them and turn them back into the Box Top Coordinator. We appreciate your support, and thank everyone in advance for their help in collecting them for the school and the parents for submitting on behalf of KCMSA. Go KNIGHTS! 

What are box tops?  Box tops can be found on many products you buy and use each day. They are not just found on juice box packs. They can be found on products like Ziploc storage products, Avery labels, Kleenex products, many cereal boxes, and even Hanes underwear/socks. Each box top is worth at least 10 cents. Sometimes you will find bonus coupons on products. You can find a full list of participating Box Tops products at

Why should I help collect them? It is a super easy way to earn “free money” for our school with very little effort. Last year KCSMA earned $3,500 ! The top 3 classes will earn a class party. Our goal this year is $10,000. This money will go towards our teacher’s wish lists and classroom supplies. 

Who can my child get more box tops from? You can ask family, friends, neighbors, and even your favorite stockman at Target to save them for you. Why throw away free money? 

When does my child need to bring them to school? We will continue collecting them until our first contest deadline. The first contest will end Thursday, October 1. After that we will continue to collect them. Your child will receive ongoing credit and their totals will count towards our Spring contest.

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