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Used book drive, Student project for International Festival, Book fair

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April 2015
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There are a lot of events happening in April and May that correspond with the upcoming BOGO book fair, and there is a special student project for the International Spring Festival. We have a goal to add many, many books to our classroom libraries and will be holding a used book drive and participating in Scholastic’s All for Books* program to achieve our goal. Here are the highlights, so you can mark your calendars!

    • April 27th-April 30th: Coin drive to raise money for All for Books program
    • April 27th-May 6th: Raffle ticket sales to raise money for All for Books program and STEM supplies (prizes will be lunch with a teacher, Mr. Donnelly’s assistant animal feeder, lunch with Bruce, etc.)
    • April 27th-May 15th: Used Book Drive to collect children’s books for KCSMA classroom libraries
    • April 28th: Bingo Night/PTO General Meeting/Used Book Drive 6:30-8:00pm – This is a free family event. We will be collecting used children’s books during this event. Kona Ice will be there selling shaved ice.
    • May 1st: $1 N.U.T. Pass to raise money for All for Books program
        • Buy One, Get One Free Scholastic Book Fair opens

    • International Festival Family Histories are due    
  • May 1st-8th: Buy One, Get One Free Scholastic Book Fair    
  • May 2nd: International Spring Festival 11am-2pm
  • BOGO Book Fair open 11am-2pm


*All for Books Program: This program raises money to buy books for the school. 100% of the proceeds benefit our school. For this book fair, we will be using the money raised to buy books for classroom libraries. Scholastic also matches the money we raise and donates to charities that give books to children in need.

Student Project for International Spring Festival

As part of the International Festival, we would like to make an exhibit to celebrate the diversity in cultural backgrounds we have at KCSMA. To demonstrate how we come from all over the world and have many different cultures, we will mark our origins on maps and share our histories. We will be displaying every history that is turned in, and we will place a mark on the map for every place that our students and their parents were born. This will give students the opportunity to make a real life connection instead of just an abstract idea about our diverse cultures.

Attached, there is a form that can be used to share your family’s history. You may use the form or make your own. The histories can be handwritten, typed, include pictures, etc. We hope you will complete this project as a family, and we would love to hear stories, customs, or anything that you would like to share about your cultural background. These histories are due by Friday, May 1st.

Buy One, Get One Free Scholastic Book Fair

This book fair will run from May 1st through May 8th. EVERYTHING at this book fair is buy one, get one free. This fair is not a big fundraiser for the media center, but it provides awesome summer reading options to our KCSMA families, and all of the money we raise for All for Books will buy twice as many books for our classrooms. Gift certificates are available for purchase, and they make great end of year gifts for teachers!


More detailed information will be sent out after Spring Break, but if you have questions in the meantime, please email Have a relaxing and safe break!

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